Work Experience

Preparations for Year 13 Work Experience – September 2021

Plans are afoot for preparing students for a period of Work Experience in September 2022.

The week of opportunity runs from Monday 5 September to Friday 9 September 2022.   Students are asked to find a single placement for the whole five days or two placements that cover the working week.


The Briefing Paper below outlines the scope of the Work Experience Programme:

Briefing Paper for Parents, Carers, Students, FormTutors 2022


The only paperwork that we need from students once a placement has been agreed upon between the students and an employer is the form below:

Work Experience Parent_Carer, Student Form 2021-22





Benefits of Work Experience

The Six Biggest Benefits of Work Experience:

  1. You’ll Develop Your Transferable Skills
  2. You’ll Get to Test Things Out
  3. It Makes You More Employable
  4. It Could Lead to a Full-Time Job
  5. It Introduces You to the World of Work
  6. You’ll Broaden Your Network