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My Week of Work

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Monday 22 June

Matching-The-Staff-To-The-Job-History Quiz

Thank you to students and staff who took the time to participate in our quiz as part of the Form Time activities on the first day of #TheWeekOfWork.  Thank you to staff who shared their Job History.  We are really lucky to have such a wealth of experience at Thorpe!

For keen problem-solvers, you may have recognised the pattern: 1A, 2B, 3C, etc. in terms of the questions and the answers.  At some interviews, It’s not uncommon for tasks to be set that are based on hidden problems that need solving; whoever solves the problem, goes through to the next round.  

Sometimes thinking in a different way is key to solving problems.  A few of us may remember the scene in ‘Men In Black’ (1997) when Will Smith’s character solved the ‘writing on the knee’ problem by moving the table, despite it making an awful, metallic, screeching sound across the floor?  His character was selected for original thinking.

Our three winners of the £10 Amazon Gift Vouchers are: Lara from A2, Flynn from P6 and Dominic from C4.  Well done!  Your vouchers will be with you shortly via your school email.

Tuesday 23 June

For an idea of the sort of Job (Career) that might suit your personality, go to this website: and click on the four-letter combination that matches your own result.

Take the Buzz Quiz below

Wednesday 24 June

Earn Money While You Learn: Apprenticeships.

Thursday 25 June

An Insight into the World of Work. 

We’re going to delve into various areas of employment using the website


Thursday’s HelpYouChoose Quiz as part of Year 9’s #MyWeekOfWork Programme included a prize draw of 10 £10 Amazon Gift Vouchers being offered.

The answers were as follows:

3 – 10pm; 7 – 3; 9 – Veterinary Nurse; 17 – Norfolk and Suffolk; 16 – 13; and 20 – No.

Two students identified the answers correctly: Nina M from A5, and Katie M from M2.  Well done!  You will each receive your £10 Amazon Gift Voucher shortly via your school email address.

Friday 26 June

Thank you to students who took part in identifying the logos of companies that offer Apprenticeships.

‘Employer Logo Quiz’ answers  are below:


The three winners of the £10 Amazon Gift Vouchers are:

Keira M from P6, Sebastian S from P7 and Grace Batterbee from A6.  Well done!   Your £10 Amazon Gift Vouchers will be with you all shortly via your school email address.


Extra Prizes …

Student logo
Isabella, A5

As part of Friday’s Form Time activities, we asked students to create their own logo that would be unique to them.  Two students sent in their ideas.

We’ll be sending each one a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher via their school email address.

Thank you for sharing, Isabella and Nneka!

Student logo
Nneka, C5